The Right Lens. Designed from Data.

Fit scleral lenses with fewer modifications while improving your patients’ vision, comfort, and long-term ocular health. BostonSight SCLERAL has leveraged fitting data from thousands of patients to produce a data-driven lens design with an efficient and predictable fit. With a range of Smart Features, and diameters from 16-19mm, you’ll find the perfect fit, fast.

Oval Optic Zones

Results in better lens centration and more predictable and reliable fitting endpoints.

SplineCurve® Technology

For parameter change independence.

SmartChannel® Technology

Facilitates fitting lenses over anatomical obstacles, promotes tear-exchange, and minimizes suction.

SmartSight® Technology

Provides superior quantitative and qualitative vision with built-in HOA and custom HOA correction.


Empirical fitting with industry profilometers delivers your scan data directly to our manufacturing lab.

Superior Value

Get everything you need, at an all-inclusive price—with no surprises.

  • Smaller lens diameter kit (16, 16.5, 17mm) = lower lens price
  • FIRST FIT FREE when you become a BostonSight SCLERAL provider and place your order within 30 days of account activation
  • Unlimited, no-charge modifications within 120 days (U.S./Canada)
  • No extra charge for change in base curve, material, toric periphery, front surface astigmatism, or SmartChannels®
  • Access to FitConnect®, our web-based lens design and ordering platform
  • Beyond the Fit™ offerings

of fits achieve optimal vision with built-in SmartSight® front surface eccentricity


of fits achieved with the go-to standard lens from the FitKit®


of fits don’t require haptic design change

One Lens. Simple Fitting.

You know your patients best.

BostonSight SCLERAL offers a range of diameters, from 16-19mm, in diagnostic lenses or Smart360® empirical fitting.

Each FitKit® contains a 14-lens fitting set, duplicated with right and left anatomical designs to address unique scleral shape profiles, and our step-by-step FitGuide®.

Easily place your orders through FitConnect, but if you need support or have a question, our expert Account Team is always available to help.

Why is BostonSight SCLERAL Your Go-To Lens?

  • Easy to fit and quality of fabrication.
  • Ease of fit and ordering online!
  • Ability to adjust quadrant-specific parameters. High success rate in fitting.
  • Great lab//service, great design.
  • It is customizable in many different ways. Efficient to use in clinic. Great lab support.
  • Ease of fitting process (fitting lens is usually close) and flexibility of lab to help.
  • Quadrant-specific design, ease of using FitConnect, tracking numbers available, invoices/credits all in one area, FitAssist Vouchers, SmartChannels, HOA.

(2021 BostonSight SCLERAL Customer Survey)

Dr. Robert Davis,
Oak Lawn, IL

Best out of the box scleral lens on the market. Philosophically the approach makes scleral fitting a logical progression enabling successful outcomes.

Dr. Roya Habibi,
Guanacaste Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

BostonSight SCLERAL’s fitting algorithm prioritizes fitting the sclera. This is the hardest part to provide the best patient comfort and success, and their fitting set truly guides the doc to do this.