A scleral lens is an oversized “contact” lens that rests on the sclera (the white of the eye) and vaults (does not touch) the cornea. Scleral lenses are designed to treat a variety of eye conditions that impact the function of the cornea and provide relief from ocular surface disease.

BostonSight SCLERAL is an FDA-cleared lens design for the treatment of irregular corneas and ocular surface disease including dry eye. With BostonSight SCLERAL you will find a great resource for all your irregular cornea cases (not just the most challenging ones), and for your dry eye/OSD population.

BostonSight PROSE is a comprehensive medical treatment model to restore visual function to patients with complex corneal disease. BostonSight SCLERAL is our data-driven product delivering doctors and patients unparalleled scleral lens design.

BostonSight SCLERAL lenses are fit by scleral lens practitioners across the U.S. and Canada. To find a BostonSight SCLERAL practitioner closest to you, please visit https://www.bostonsightscleral.org/find-a-practitioner/

BostonSight SCLERAL is also available in Latin America through Spectrum International and in India and Southeast Asia through LV Prasad Eye Institute.

BostonSight SCLERAL offers two convenient triple-play FitKit™ options: 16, 16.5, & 17mm and 18, 18.5, & 19mm. Each diagnostic set includes 3 diameters in ONE kit making it even easier to find the perfect fit. Our FitKit™ offers an efficient fitting process with right and left eye anatomical designs. The same diameter range is available via our empirical, image-guided design feature: Smart360™.

BostonSight SCLERAL offers an unlimited exchange period, at no additional cost, for 90 days. Lenses can be returned for full credit within 90 days of the date of the invoice.

Our preferred material is the Optimum line by Contamac, Optimum-Extra, Optimum-Extreme, and Optimum Infinite. Other material options are Boston® EQII, Boston® XO2. Tangible Hydra-PEG is available.

With our value-added, all-inclusive pricing, there are no extra fees throughout the fitting process. Customizations are included with unlimited, no-charge modifications within 90 days. No extra charge for change in diameter (within respective FitKit™ options), change in base curve, change in material, toric periphery, front surface astigmatism, or channels.

Please refer to our Disinfection Protocol for multi-patient trial lenses, based on ISO 19979:2018; Ophthalmic Optics-Contact Lenses-Hygienic Management of Multi-Patient Use Trial Contact Lenses.

BostonSight’s manufacturing lab ships lenses wet to keep them conditioned for optimal wear. Each lens will be supplied in a non-sterile plastic lens storage case filled with Boston SIMPLUS® Multi-Action Solution. Boston SIMPLUS Multi-Action Solution is a cleaning, disinfecting, and conditioning product that has an added protein remover. The solution needs to be replaced with fresh, sterile, and unexpired solution within 30 days from the manufacture date indicated on the lens label. Please refer to the Package Insert for additional instructions on lens care and handling.

Note: TRIAL SETS will continue to be shipped dry.

Our fitting system offers superior value. There is no extensive training or special equipment required to fit BostonSight SCLERAL lenses. Our offering includes FitConnect, our web-based design and ordering platform, and our value-added Beyond the Fit™ Program.

Dr. Carrasquillo, our VP of Clinical and Professional Affairs and one of the chief architects of BostonSight SCLERAL, would say that our 18.0mm and 18.5 mm designs address most OSD needs beautifully, and for really ectatic grafts or cones, the 19.0mm design is the winner. If you see a lot of ectatic cones and grafts (>75D) working with the 18-19mm FitKit is advisable. For smaller HVIDs, smaller apertures, more regular corneas, and patients with tighter lids and difficulty with application and removal, working with the 16-17mm FitKit is advisable.

Multifocal optics are in our innovation pipeline. It is our aspiration to come out with a multifocal option soon.

You can add SmartChannel™ technology to your lens design in FitConnect®. SmartChannels vault anatomical obstacles and can be used to promote fluid-ventilation and reduce suction.

BostonSight’s SmartSight™ technology with custom HOA correction improves glare, halos, blurring, starburst patterns, double vision, or difficulty seeing at night. BostonSight SCLERAL Practitioners are currently invited to join the BostonSight HOA Collaborator Program. All you need is access to an aberrometer.

There is no set timeframe. Well cared for lenses that remain comfortable with good visual acuity upon regular visits may last multiple years. The most important thing is that regular, annual fit assessments (at the practitioner’s discretion) are made to determine if any of the changes to the fit need to occur.

Dr. Karen Carrasquillo, our VP of Clinical and Professional Affairs and one of the chief architects of BostonSight SCLERAL, would say there’s no rule of thumb of when to use FSE2 vs FSE0, but in general, when dealing with an irregular cornea, if the FSE1 value is not providing best visual outcome, we recommend to start off with the FSE2 before trying FSE0. And when dealing with a regular cornea, i.e. DES, we recommend to start off with the FSE0 before trying FSE2.

Our lens design, based on scleral anatomy, offers right and left anatomical design with unique scleral shape profiles. One dot identifies the RIGHT lens and two dots identify the LEFT lens. For more information, please refer to our FitGuide.

We do not currently offer color or tinting options for BostonSight SCLERAL.

Daily wear contact lenses are not indicated for overnight wear, and patients should be instructed not to wear contact lenses while sleeping. Please refer to the full BostonSight SCLERAL Package Insert for more information.

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