Give your patients clear, crisp vision

SmartSight® is an industry-leading technology that provides superior correction of higher order aberrations. Correct your patients’ glare, halos, blurring, ghosting, starbursts, double vision, or difficulty seeing at night with SmartSight® technology.

Get Started with SmartSight®

SmartSight®  front surface eccentricity (FSE) is built into all BostonSight SCLERAL trial lenses.  Each trial lens has a built-in starting value of FSE 1. The FitKit® includes an additional two lenses for further refinement and aberration correction– FSE0 and FSE2 – without the use of additional equipment. For more information about how to use these lenses please reference our FAQs.

Photo credit: Marissa Gomez, OD, FAAO

Get Started with SmartSight HOA®

(may not be available in all markets)

For more challenging aberrations, use SmartSight HOA® for custom correction. After achieving a stable and final BostonSight SCLERAL fit, upload your aberrometer HOA scan data into our FitConnect® lens design software. We’ll custom manufacture a lens that provides best-corrected quantitative and qualitative vision, correcting for up to 28 Zernike polynomials. Please note that a free 30-minute certification training is required to get started with SmartSight HOA.

SmartSight HOA is not part of our Smart Suite of free add-on features and incurs a one-time additional fee per lens.  For more information about SmartSight HOA please reference our FAQs.

Aberrometer Integrations with SmartSight HOA®

Unlike other HOA technologies on the market, we use an open-aberrometer platform so that anyone with an aberrometer can harness this advanced technology.

We’ve most recently worked with the following aberrometers.

iTrace from Tracey Technologies

iTrace logo

Nidek OPD distributed by

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Pentacam® AXL Wave from

oculus logo

xwave® aberrometry system from

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…and more!