Custom SCLERAL Lens Design

Streamline your fitting process with BostonSight SCLERAL’s Smart360® technology.  Smart360 uses corneo-scleral profilometry for a truly custom scleral lens fit.  Scan data is imported directly into FitConnect® to harness the power of image-guided design.  Efficient, accurate, and less chair time, which means more revenue for you.

FitConnect currently integrates with Eaglet ESP and Oculus Pentacam.

User Guides

How to export your CSP data
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Current Integrations

Alex Gibberman, OD, FAAO
2020 Eyecare,
Loveland Ohio

Loving the FitConnect platform with Eaglet. The combination of Eaglet’s software with BostonSight’s customizability makes fitting sclerals easier and more fun than ever before.