Eaglet Eye® Announces DirectConnect One-Touch Ordering: Blanchard Contact Lenses and BostonSight are the first labs to link to DirectConnect

June  4,  2020;  Houten,  NL  –  Eaglet  Eye  announced  today  DirectConnect​TM​,  a  new  key  feature  embedded in the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) software 5.0. DirectConnect allows the ESP to connect directly  to  a  custom  lab’s  fitting  software,  dramatically  increasing  the  speed  and  accuracy  of  empirical fitting of specialty lenses. At launch DirectConnect includes BostonSight and Blanchard labs with more labs to follow.

Now, with the push of a button, the ESP instantly sends all pertinent  information to BostonSight’s FitConnect® or Blanchard’s Onefit MED fitting tools. In that way, one can  more  easily  and  quickly  fit  a  specialty  contact  lens,  even  in  the  most  complex  cases.  ESP  software 5.0 was distributed to all ESP owners worldwide at no charge. DirectConnect (and all features in 5.0) will be included, at no additional charge, on any ESPs purchased going forward.

“Blanchard is pleased to be working with Eaglet Eye to offer our customers the DirectConnect option for  seamless  design  and  ordering  of the Onefit™ MED family scleral lenses with their Eye Surface  Profiler” said Jean Blanchard, President of Blanchard Contact Lenses. “Onefit™ MED and Onefit™ MED​+ scleral lenses already offer highly intuitive online fitting tools that give practitioners complete control  over  the  design  and  fit  for  a  fully  customizable  lens  and  ease  of  fitting.  Eaglet’s  DirectConnect will truly provide a direct connection from their ESP to the Blanchard fitting tool, furthering the control and convenience that practitioners have!”

“We are thrilled to integrate BostonSight FitConnect with the Eaglet ESP to provide practitioners with an easy, streamlined process for ordering BostonSight SCLERAL​IG​, an image-guided scleral lens design solution,” said Sara Yost, President and CEO of BostonSight. “BostonSight SCLERALIG is the latest  product  offering  from  BostonSight  to  help  practitioners  achieve  long-term  comfort and optimal vision for their patients, and ultimately elevate the standard of care in the specialty lens industry.”

Arnoud Snepvangers, CEO of Eaglet Eye, summarized by stating, “BostonSight and Blanchard in the development of DirectConnect.  This constitutes an important step in empirical fitting and will improve the fitting process for the practitioner and ultimately the quality of the lens fit for the patient. We look forward to adding more labs to DirectConnect soon.”

About Eaglet Eye
For  more  information;  in  North  America  contact  Tom Shone at ​ or for  areas outside of NA, Arnie Snepvangers at ​​. Eaglet Eye BV is a Dutch company specializing in the development and commercialization of high tech instruments for eye care.

Eaglet Eye aims to improve eye care around the world through innovative devices both for  the eye care providers as well as for their patients. For more information on Eaglet Eye and the Eye Surface  Profiler,  please  go  to  our  website  ​  or  to  view  past  webinars  go  to​.


About Blanchard Contact Lenses
Blanchard  Contact  Lenses,  a  CooperVision  specialty eyecare company, is a leading designer and  manufacturer of custom-made GP lens designs of the highest quality, with a specialization in scleral lenses. The  company’s  proprietary  Onefit™  family  of  scleral  lenses  offers  a  variety  of  designs,  making it a versatile option for all eye indications. The latest design offering is Onefit™ MED, a fully customizable scleral lens design for highly irregular/medically indicated corneas, as well as normal corneas, when a larger  diameter is needed. Design options for the Onefit™ family of lenses are  always being added to Blanchard’s innovative ​custom tool box​, ​to provide ease of fitting for the practitioner.  Blanchard  maintains  a  vision  focused  on  partnering  with  eye care professionals to  offer education and guidance to improve all aspects of the contact lens wearer experience. To learn more, visit ​​.

About BostonSight
BostonSight​®​ has saved the sight of thousands of individuals suffering from ocular surface disease, corneal  disease,  injury,  or  damage with BostonSight PROSE™  treatment.  Founded  in  1992,  the  Needham, MA Center of Excellence includes a clinic, research center, state-of-the-art FDA-certified and  ISO-compliant manufacturing  lab,  and  patient  and  family  support  center. BostonSight SCLERAL was launched in  2017 to expand  access  to  global  scleral  lens  technology. Eye care practitioners achieve a fast, effective scleral lens fit that provides optimal
vision  and  comfort for  patients while  attaining  long-term eye health. SCLERAL​IG  is  the  newest  innovation in BostonSight’s portfolio, using image topography to map the eye for a truly custom scleral  lens  fit.  BostonSight  envisions  a  world  where  no  one  suffers  loss  of  sight  from  corneal  irregularities or ocular surface disease. Learn more at

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