Eaglet ESP

Use Eaglet ESP with BostonSight SCLERALIG for a truly custom fit.

Using Eaglet’s DirectConnectTM interface, your ESP instantly sends all pertinent information to FitConnect, increasing the speed and accuracy of fitting scleral lenses, even in the most complex cases.

Reduce the time patients spend in your office while improving their comfort and vision sooner.

Quick Start

  1. Select the patient
  2. Select best measurement
  3. Click on the First Lens Fit tool
  4. Select BostonSight as manufacturer and SCLERALIG as your design type
  5. Choose diameter (18, 18.5, or 19 mm)
  6. Click Calculate
  7. Click on DirectConnect and it will link to your FitConnect account! Log in to FitConnect and proceed.

Using your ESP with SCLERALIG Video Guide

Case Study – Success with ESP and SCLERALIG

Patients report a 60% decrease in ocular surface disease index© (osdi©) score when fit with bostonsight scleral.

I was suffering from severe diminished vision due to a cornea scar caused by an outbreak of shingles. I was finally referred to a doctor who fit me with the BostonSight SCLERAL lenses. I now have 20/20 vision again. It’s been an absolute life-changing improvement for me."

- Patient, UC Davis Eye Center