Comprehensive Support

With BostonSight SCLERAL, we go Beyond the Fit™ to provide you with a comprehensive toolset to enable fitting modifications, patient management and more.


Our signature FitConnect software is intuitive, providing you with web-based order management and more:

  • Modifications in real-time for more accurate endpoints
  • Design adjustments using graphical representations of individual lens profiles
  • Modifications of sagittal height, base curve, and four independent hemi-meridians

FitConnect also offers a wealth of resources:

  • Storage of prescription information for easy on-demand printing or refill
  • Fitting consultants via phone, email, and shared sessions
  • Live demonstrations and online training
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PeerMed, a HIPAA-compliant, interactive platform provides consults to improve efficiency in your fitting process.

Live and remote options

Patient image uploads

Video chat and direct messaging

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Eaglet Eye ESP

Eaglet Eye ESP, with its advanced ocular measuring devices that enable precise eye surface profiling (ESP), can be used to fit BostonSight SCLERAL lenses, providing practitioners with key benefits:

Image-guided fitting

Reduced patient chair time

Comfortable, custom-fit lenses

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MyFitReport allows you to get feedback on patients’ experience—their symptoms, prior prescription experiences, and questions. BostonSight SCLERAL makes it easy for you, your staff, and your patients to participate:

Baseline survey with initial lens shipment

Postage paid return

Practitioner receives an individual patient MyFitReport

Patients receive complimentary scleral lens emergency kit

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FitAssist provides free vouchers that enable you to support patients with financial barriers:

Consistent with our nonprofit mission, FitAssist creates options for more patients

For every 12 patients fit, practices receive a voucher

FitAssist vouchers do not expire so they can accumulate to be used for qualified patients

One of my favorite things about working with the BostonSight SCLERAL lens is the FitAssist program. It allows me to help patients who may not be able to afford their much-needed scleral lens. It is such a great resource for practices."

- Dr. Melanie Frogozo, San Antonio, TX